Cutting Down Your High Air Conditioning Costs

1 Oct

Just because fall is here, us Floridians know that doesn’t mean we get to turn our a/c systems off!  It will still be pushin’ 90 degrees for the next month or so.  You don’t have to pay high prices to be comfortable in your own home.  Here are some ways to cut down your a/c costs so you can save money for more important things (like the holidays).

Fill up those holes.  Go around all your doors and windows looking for leaks and caulk the leaks when you find them.  Circulating air can easily escape through these holes.

Use your drapes or blinds.  Don’t wait until the house is already hot before using the drapes.  Before you go to bed,  close all the drapes and blinds to block incoming sunlight and heat that will come in the morning.  This keeps your home cooler so your a/c has less work to do.

Cool Yourself.  If you come in from outside and your hot, take a cold shower.  It will bring your body temperature down and the effects can last for hours.  Try icy drinks and electric fans too.

Replace your filter regularly.  When you replace your air filter regularly your a/c will work more efficiently.  During peak season (lets be honest, here in Florida it’s always peak season) make sure to check your filter at least once a month.  Replace it when you notice layers of build up.

Don’t cook with your stove.  You probably won’t be able to follow this one as much but the less you use your oven and stove, the cooler your home will stay.  Grill outdoors or eat salads and dips.

Get a programmable thermostat.  Queue in my last blog.  Getting a programmable t-stat is one of the best ways to reduce your a/c costs.  It can allow you to monitor your energy usage by setting the t-stat to “rest” while you are at work and it will start cooling the house just before you get home.  It’s much better for your unit than constantly having to reset the thermostat manually.


Melissa Bott

HVAC Project Coordinator

Tropical Air of Central FL


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