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Your HVAC Connection: What to look for before you call

23 Jan

Last Thursday, Ronald in Casselberry called us to come have a look at his system, which did not seem to be working. After a few questions, we figured out what was going on and were able to walk Ronald through a troubleshooting exercise to get his system back up and running. Not only was the air finally flowing again, but we were able to save Ron time and money.

It’s true that with air conditioning systems, a small issue can actually look like a very big one. Before panicking, understand that there are trivial things that, when ignored, can make your entire system shut down.

Protect yourself: If a little thing happens, make sure you know enough to not get ripped off.

If you are not using the professionals at Tropical Air of Central Florida, make sure that when you call your A/C company, they do not automatically assume you can’t resolve the problem yourself. Unfortunately, there are HVAC companies in the Central Florida region who take advantage of customers, creating expenses where none should be.

Questions are meant for your HVAC service personnel to understand the situation before making a decision that will involve time and money on everyone’s part… don’t be a victim!

Be Prepared: Keeping a few minor things in mind can empower you to work toward the best call of action with your service technician.

To aid in your preparation, here is a basic list of questions typically asked if you were to call Tropical Air of Central Florida. Keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive as your unique situation and our conversation may affect the line of questioning.

Is your system running at all?

This, obviously, is the most basic starting point. The truth is your air conditioner doesn’t have to be comatose to have problems. It’s best to establish, first and foremost, if your system is getting electricity and at least trying to do its job. Once established, more insight is required…                                                                                                                                                    

  • YES – We will then need to know if it is meeting temperature. You’ll need to note what you have set your thermostat to do versus what it is doing. We may ask you to feel the air coming out of the vents, as that alone can narrow the issue down.
  • NO – This may lead us to ask if you’ve tried to flip the breaker or noticed any other electrical problems. We will possibly guide you to the drain line by your air handler to see if it’s clogged.
  • ONE IS AND ONE ISN’T – Depending on which unit is working, we might steer our questions a bit toward the broader realm, because this could mean several different types of issues with either unit.

      When was your equipment serviced last?

  • Unless we are your go-to for HVAC, we’ll need to find out the history of the system. This can either rule out situations we were considering or it may bring up new ones we have not yet thought of.

      How often do you change your filters?

  • Of course, we have to ask this. As we’ve discussed in a blog or two before, changing your filters regularly is key to having a system that operates up to its potential. While there are other factors involved, and this may not be the current issue you’re dealing with, it is possible to have caused a more serious issue had the filters been neglected for some time.

By no means is any HVAC issue hopeless. Nothing is.

In Ronald’s case, we were able to work together to solve a problem over the phone, saving him valuable time (and of course, money). Where ever you go for your HVAC needs, just remember that your knowledge is your power. With a little preparation and awareness of some of the factors we’ve mentioned here, you can partner with your A/C company to meet your needs without unnecessary investments or the feeling that you were a victim.

In this regard, even if you choose another HVAC company for your needs, feel free to give us a call for a free second opinion… after all, a little more information may save you from spending thousands of dollars.

We’d love to hear from you!                                

Keep cool and informed,

Rikki Payne
Your Licensed A/C and Heating Connection
Serving Greater Central Florida


Company Christmas Party: Go or No?

17 Dec

Christmas PartyNow is the time of year for company Christmas parties. Whether you’re the kind of person to look forward to wearing funny red hats or if you are the type to avoid company gatherings like the plague, holiday jamborees mean a great deal more than eggnog. The truth is, what happens during holiday events could enhance your professional standing (or, on the other hand, not attending may leave a bad taste amongst your peers and supervisors by sending the wrong kind of message).

Dusting off holiday humbugs and attending Christmas parties and networking events would be beneficial to you personally and, most undoubtedly, professionally. Upon holiday event invitations, consider the following when making your decision as to “go or no.”


The Networking advantages during company Christmas parties should be enough to kick out uncertainty. Christmas parties are a priceless opportunity to network with individuals in your company that you may not work with on a daily basis. Maybe they are in the department that you wish to join, maybe they have the position you want, or maybe they’re even in charge of that department or position. This is your chance to build professional relationships outside of a normal work day, and most importantly, to let peers and supervisors get to know why you are a great employee looking for growth.

Added bonus: Taking advantage of Holiday Company networking by making a positive impression they won’t forget is your career advantage during promotions or transfer opportunities.


This is another valuable aspect of these gatherings. While not everyone feels precisely the same way about the holidays, this is nevertheless a personable opportunity to showcase festivity and company buy-in. Building professional identity and company unity by taking take part in activities that are not necessarily work-related has been proven to enhance the working environment while also increasing output. Company owners and supervisors alike recognize the importance of camaraderie and the effects of a positive working atmosphere.

During the holiday party, it is not recommended to hang around the circle of peers  you hang out with outside of work all the time… this is the time to discover and expand your depth of professional relationships.

Camaraderie clue: Keep conversations positive and casual, benefiting not only you and your coworkers, but your company as a whole.


However you may feel about yourself now, there is so much to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territories, especially in your place of work. Getting to know new people is often a psychological hurdle. However, it is one with rewards much greater than the risks. This is most true when it involves those that have the potential of advancing your career. If you can learn to work the room and mingle an appropriate amount, letting people view that winning side of you, you will see positive results.

Or you can politely decline and not attend the company Christmas party. By doing so, what messages are you sending? Here’s a clue or two: you are not a team player, you are more important than other employees, you don’t care about the company, your job, or the people around you.

Problem is Perception: Looking through the eyes of supervisor(s), co-workers, and owners, NOT attending provides a negative perception. When it comes to career success, nothing tops more than how one is viewed… professionally AND personally.

There are many reasons to attend your company Christmas party. You can walk away with new contacts, a renewed vision of your career, and possibly new goals as well. You may have even made an unlikely friend and gained a funny (hopefully harmless) story to tell later on. Whatever you do, don’t pass up this opportunity. Work hard to make the most of each opportunity and do not compromise your career by ignoring the rippling effects holiday parties produce. You’ll thank yourself later. And, of course, most importantly, have one very Merry Christmas!

Keep Cool, Warm, and Safe this Holiday Season,

Rikki Payne
Your Licensed A/C and Heating Connection
Serving Greater Central Florida

Your A/C and Heating Connection: A Friendly Filter Reminder

6 Dec

The family at Tropical Air of Central Florida wants to give you a friendly reminder about how important it is to change your filters every 30 days. Changing your filters regularly will prevent you from dealing with potentially major issues. These include restricted air flow and other problems that could leave your system either not running properly or breaking down altogether.

crabWhile it’s easy to assume that leaving your A/C off is a good way to preserve its functionality, this is actually not true. Leaving your system off for extended periods of time could leave you high and dry when you turn it back on, expecting it to run just as it did before. To avoid unnecessary expenses, make sure you have your air conditioning/heating system checked out even if you haven’t been running it for a while.

Tropical Air of Central Florida has been helping Central Florida residences with their A/C and heating systems for close to ten years. Being family-owned and operated, the team of professionals knows the importance of making sure systems operate most effectively and efficiently. Through the years, the team has developed several different preventative maintenance plans that can be customized to fit any need or budget… even coming out monthly to change your filters… yes, every month.

If you haven’t changed your filter in a while, go ahead and do so to avoid having problems with your unit in the immediate or even distant future. Also, if you haven’t been running your system for a while, consider having it serviced to make sure that it will run properly and efficiently when you need it.

If you have any questions, about our preventative maintenance plans, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail at office@tropical-air.com.

A/C not working?” visit “ACNotWorking.com” to partner with one of our professional HVAC technicians.

Keep warm and informed,

Rikki Payne
Your Licensed A/C and Heating Connection

Serving Greater Central Florida